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This section provides a sampling of some trainings that we provide to educators, parents, and students. Our goal is to help educate adults and students about opportunities in non-traditional careers including STEM, as well as provide resources to help protect students from challenges they may face in the workplace.


An ongoing study conducted by CWEALF found a need for today’s youth to learn about workplace harassment and discrimination. Many students cannot properly identify sexually harassing behaviors which can make them susceptible to becoming victimized.

CWEALF has created a new curriculum module that teaches about the many forms of sexual harassment and how to best protect oneself from harassment. Additionally, CWEALF put together a presentation that will take you through the curriculum with a more interactive approach, as well as a fact sheet for students.


Young women and girls face a variety of challenges when entering the workforce. This presentation discusses some of those challenges including the gender wage gap, student loan debt, and gender stereotypes, and provides guidance for students, educators, and parents to help make responsible choices that will lead to their financial security.


What are non-traditional careers and what are the benefits for women in pursuing a non-traditional career? Find out the answers to these questions and more with this engaging and informative presentation for educators, parents, and students.


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