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STEMster Videos

What is a STEMster?

A STEMster is a woman who is either working in or studying fields related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

How can I help inspire girls in STEM?

Research suggests that girls who see themselves reflected in the faces of STEM professionals will have an easier time seeing themselves in those fields. G2O is committed to motivating the next generation of female STEM professionals, and with assistance from professionals, such as yourself, we can truly make a difference!

What can I do?

Create a short 30-60 second video to help inspire young girls to explore STEM related studies and careers! Follow the simple directions below to learn what to say in your video and how to make it:

What to include:
1.Your first name and where you work or study
2. What you do
3. Why you like what you do
4. A quick word of advice for girls who might want to study or work in STEM

How to make a video:
1. Use your phone or camera to record yourself or have a friend record you
2. Upload your video to your computer
3. Email it to with the subject title “STEMster Submission”
4. OR visit one of our expos and create a video in our STEMster booth!

“Hi, my name is Dina and I am a civil engineer. I design bridges and highways all over the state. I like to work on a team, be creative, travel and see how what I’ve designed helps people. One thing I’d like to tell you is not to give up on your STEM dreams!”

“Hi, my name is Heidi and I am a geology student. Geology is the study of the earth and rocks. I love what I study because it allows me to better understand the world and its natural resources. Some advice I have for anyone interested in geology or STEM is to never be afraid of asking questions!”


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